DanOlsen_img_1Welcome to Olson Tax & Financial Planning!

At OlsonTFP we believe that every day provides a fresh opportunity to make the most of your financial future.

Achieve your goals by integrating knowledgeable financial strategies with sound investment management and efficient tax planning.

Our mission is to help you make smart financial decisions. And then implement them. How does OlsonTFP help you make the most of your financial future?

  • Goal-based Planning. Together, we identify, quantify and prioritize your goals
  • Fact-based Analysis. We objectively review the financial and other resources available to reach your goals
  • Practical Implementation. We put in writing a plan that will work for you
  • Fee-only Planning. Unlike many financial advisers, our compensation comes only from our clients and not from sources that might cloud our judgment. Ours is a “fiduciary” relationship where your interests come first.

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