Investment Management

Investing can be confusing when you consider the conflicting advice you receive from friends and the media. Just as importantly, our human behavior often leads us to decisions that feel natural but are actually dangerous to our financial health. OlsonTFP synthesizes decades of investment and behavioral research to develop a portfolio that is appropriate to your goals, acceptance of investment risk and personal behaviors. In addition, our portfolios are designed to minimize complexity and optimize performance over time.

Investment management services provide

  • Written Personal Investment Policy Statement
  • Tax saving strategies for investments and the accounts they are in
  • Implementation across all of your accounts
  • Quarterly portfolio reviews based on the Personal Investment Policy
  • Rebalancing investments when needed.

Investment Management relationships also include ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning plus Tax Preparation and Planning.

Practical application

An older couple found themselves confounded by the number and variety of financial accounts they had accumulated over the years. We aggregated all of their investments into a “virtual” portfolio for analysis purposes, which showed they had too much exposure to low yielding investments and little protection from inflation. We then developed a “target” portfolio and a written policy to guide them toward the target. Together, we reduced the number of accounts, increased income from a more diversified portfolio and minimized anxiety about their current and future cash flow. The new account structure also simplified estate planning and eliminated an abundance of baffling mail. We stay involved with quarterly meetings, periodic rebalancing, and tax planning & preparation.