Financial Planning

Dan Olson is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional, trained to integrate all the financial aspects of your life, with the experience to coordinate expert advice from others. This is why we call our planning services “comprehensive.”

Our combination of services is unique because comprehensive planning takes into account the big picture of your financial life, without neglecting the significant smaller details. So often, the people who know your finances best are conflicted and uncoordinated. For example, your broker can’t give tax advice or your accountant doesn’t understand the investments appropriate to your tax situation. Our decades of experience across taxes/planning/investments translate into a wealth of top-quality advice for you.

OlsonTFP follows the Six Step Financial Planning Process

    1. Establish client goals
    2. Gather data and review source documents
    3. Analyze the facts and model the data
    4. Present conclusions and recommendations
    5. Implement recommendations
    6. Monitor implementation so that goals are achieved

We also can do hourly consultations focused on one topic. Minimum two hours.

Practical application

Recently married couples often face the daunting prospect of merging two independent personal histories, including savings and investment accounts…not to mention differing ideas about money! Our services were recently gifted as an engagement present. We helped the happy couple think through the more mundane aspects of their union with a focus on budgeting, saving, life insurance and basic estate planning. In particular, our empathetic but fact-based approach helped them reduce the anxiety regarding their “money conversation.” Over time, we stay in touch as their tax preparer and continue to provide financial guidance.